Work on the new website continues and things are progressing at a fast pace to get ready for the next programming period. Since March, we’ve been working on a number of features to improve your experience of our website.

See how things are progressing.

Helping you find partners

We know that finding the right partner is key to the success of any project. Back in March, we spoke to many of you to investigate what you look for during your partner search.

You mentioned everything from:


  • Having a good geographical coverage for effective interregional cooperation;
  • Balancing the right level of experience amongst partners. Some partners will have more experience to help those with less;
  • Choosing a lead partner with the capacity to manage the day-to-day;
  • And selecting partners who can impact a region’s policies.

We took your feedback and put it into our new partner search tools and community profiles which we tested this month with partners from a number of projects. These tests are helping us make our tools more effective for you.


What else have we worked on?

Since March, we’ve explored many other topics from submitting and searching for project ideas to building capacity through our knowledge hub. We’ve also started adding colour and style to our pages to bring you a new design for the 2021-2027 programming period.

Finally, we’ve been taking a closer look at our navigation menus to see if we can make our information easier for you to find.

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