Lead partners, communication managers and finance managers from 68 projects participated in an intensive set of Interreg Europe seminars for second call projects in Barcelona between 30 May and 1 June 2017. 172 participants from 23 different countries took part and contributed to the seminars, keen to learn more about the procedures and programme requirements and share experiences with the representatives from other projects.

The week started with a communication seminar on 30 May. In three interactive workshops, the participants received tips and advice for developing their project pitch, media relations, and online presence. Before wrapping up the day, the participants also exchanged views with each other on communication topics during a world café session.

Intense discussions continued on 31 May, as the morning was dedicated to an exchange of experience seminar. The lead partners shared views on issues such as getting stakeholders involved and fostering successful discussions among partners.

The last day and a half were dedicated to a finance seminar (31 May and 1 June). The participants received information and updates on financial reporting and requirements related to the management of Interreg Europe projects and put their skills to test with practical exercises and case studies.

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