On 8 April 2021, we held an online info session on the currently open call for additional activities. During the session, we presented information about the main features of the call and the application process and discussed questions from the audience.

You can watch the webinar recording below. You can also download the presentation and a Q&A summary. For more information about the call, take a look at our 'calls for projects' page.


Download the presentation

Questions and answers

We received more than 100 questions during the webinar. Selected ones were discussed live (see section links below) and addressed in the chat. If you missed some answers or didn't get a response to your question, have a look at our Q&A summary with a list of all the questions collected during the webinar and our short replies.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for in the Q&A document or in the application pack, please contact your policy and finance officers at the joint secretariat to discuss your specific case in more detail.

Shortcuts to specific parts of the webinar

00:00:20 Welcome (Miia Itänen, Interreg Europe)

00:04:30 Context and call features (Nicolas Singer, Interreg Europe)

00:21:20 Questions and answers

00:21:45 Q: Can we apply with pilots across all partners?

00:23:15 Q: Does the issue addressed by the projects refer to the issue of the project approved in the previous calls or in the present call?

00:24:35 Q: If we apply both for pilot action and an extension, would the funds for the pilot go above the 500,000 EUR limit of this call?

00:26:30 Application and selection (Etienne Verhelle, Interreg Europe)

00:35:43 Questions and answers

00:36:00 Q: Do we need another letter of support from the MA?

00:36:59 Q: What are the outputs expected from this call?

00:38:14 Q: In case of policy instrument change, will the 50% rule for Structural Funds still apply?

00:38:55 Q: Is it possible to change the lead partner?

00:39:38 Q: What will be the starting date of activities?

00:41:20 Q: Can projects from the 1st call add new objectives not foreseen in the original project?

00:42:27 Q: Are UK partners eligible?

00:42:54 Q: What about 4th call projects, should they extend phase 1 beyond 1 August with this call?

00:44:55 Q: How can 4th call projects apply for the COVID-19 additional measures?

00:46:56 Q: Can 1st call projects submit an application for a pilot action also after this call?

00:47:35 Q: Should project refer to their action plans which they already designed?

00:48:54 Q: Can virtual activities count as additional?

00:49:44 Q: Do all project partners need to agree to join this call and additional activities?

00:51:11 Q: How will reporting of costs work?

00:52:01 Q: Will the flexibility rule for the budget stay?

00:53:13 Q:  When you talk about the exchange of experience, is it only about COVID?

00:54:38 Q: What if legal entity changed, will the partner be ineligible?

00:56:19 Q: Can you clarify a bit more how the first come, first served will apply?

00:57:58 Q: What should be the role of the advisory partner when only exchange of experience is foreseen on policy issues?

00:59:04 Conclusion and wrap-up (Miia Itänen, Interreg Europe)

More information

The call for additional activities is open from 1 April 2021 to 2 July 2021 at 14:00 CEST (Paris time). Only our approved 258 Interreg Europe projects are eligible to apply. You can find the application pack and the key details on our 'calls for projects' page. Take a look also at our news about the call launch to get an overview of the call and the application process in nutshell.