And we’re off! This January marked the kick-off of the new website project. We met up with our user-research and web contractors to begin the long journey towards a better online experience.

Our aims and objectives

What are we looking for in a new website? What do our users need? 

These are all key questions that we’ve been asking ourselves this month. We interviewed some of our key stakeholders and they told us that Interreg Europe needs to be the reference point for policymakers. It should be an online space where people come to learn from each other - a real community.

The road map

Now that we knew what we wanted, we had to see how we were going to get there. So we drew a road map.

Our website launch date? September 2021 (or at least that’s our ambitious goal).

We’re aiming to rebuild the entire website with some quick fixes by the autumn. This should fit quite nicely with our current planning for the new programming period.

After the initial launch, we will keep working hard to bring you ever more improvements.

What does this mean for the current website?

It means the current website will see fewer improvements and we will only fix technical bugs.

A technical bug is one that prevents you from submitting a good practice, updating your project website, contacting us, or opening a link, for example.

If you see or experience any bugs, do let us know and we will see how we can help. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition.

Want to help us test the new website?

We’ve launched an open call for people interested in giving us feedback on our website and online services for the present and the future programme (2021-2027). Find out what’s involved and how you can help.