On 16 February 2021, we held a webinar on pilot actions. The online seminar presented an opportunity for partners of Interreg Europe projects to learn more about designing and implementing pilot actions.

You can watch the full recorded webinar below. Scroll further down for links to specific sections of the 90-minute webinar. You can also download the webinar materials at the end of this article.

Links to specific sections:

00:00:00 Start of the webinar and introduction by Charo Camacho (Interreg Europe)

00:04:25 Jason Martinez (Interreg Europe) presents how to design pilot actions

00:31:19 Q&A session starts 

00:31:28 Q: How many pilots can a project apply for?

00:33:18 Q: Is it a must for a pilot to be implemented in 12 months, or can it be 6 months?

00:34:27 Q: How many proposals are typically approved in a monitoring committee assessment and how many need adaptations?

00:35:48 Q: Which information must be sent to the joint secretariat about pilots for pre-check?

00:37:43 Q: If a project is already implementing their action plans, can it still apply for a pilot?

00:39:10 Q: Is there any limitation to the role of advisory partner in supporting pilots and further exchange of experience? 

00:40:44 Q: Is information about the already implemented pilots and their budgets available on the Interreg Europe website?

00:42:14 Daniela Kirchner (Film London) shares the Green Screen pilot action experience 

01:01:55 Q&A with Daniela Kirchner and Charo Camacho

01:08:21 Q&A with the participants continues 

01:09:15 Q: What is or isn't allowed in respect of the state-aid rules?

01:10:46 Q: Is it possible for an entity outside the project consortium to participate in a pilot?

01:11:38 Q: For the fourth call projects, when is the best time to apply for a pilot?

01:13:07 Q: Can the pilots cover small infrastructure costs?

01:14:02 Q: Can the project budget be used for pilot actions or do they have to be funded separately?

01:15:00 Q: Should the pilots of the fourth call projects be related to COVID-19?

01:16:14 Q: Should pilot actions work as an extension of activities if there are no COVID-19 related good practices? 

01:17:52 Q: When will the pilot actions submitted in February be assessed and approved?

01:19:48 Q: Should the pilot(s) be implemented within the original extension of the project duration or can there be another extension? 

01:21:22 Q: Can a pilot action be inspired by an external good practice not coming from the partnership? 

01:22:43 Q: Is it obligatory indicate a policy instrument with a budget to ensure durability? 

01:24:19 Q: What are ineligible costs for pilots?

01:25:13 Q: Is it possible to address another policy instrument than the one initially addressed in the application form?

01:26:36 Q: Is it possible to address policy instruments for the next programming period?

01:29:29 Q: Is the budget for pilot actions additional to the 4th call lump sum?

01:30:34 Q: If pilot action affects the next programming period, should the action plan address the whole new programming period?

01:31:45 Q: Can the COVID-19 or crisis-related policy instruments be tackled in the context of the new call?

01:34:31 Charo Camacho's wrap-up and concluding remarks 

Presentations from the webinar: