In 2020, we published 30 stories about our projects' policy changes. Then we asked you to pick your favourite project story. In the topic of SME competitiveness, you chose TRINNO.

Meet the project

TRINNO is working on improving the business support for local SMEs, helping them apply digital innovation. The project wants to support a new generation of innovative workers in traditional sectors.

On 10 December 2020, we celebrated TRINNO’s achievements at an online event. We talked to Anita Molka from the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, and asked her several questions about the project. Here is a summary:

Q: How does it feel to be among the most popular stories?

I’m very honoured that I have the possibility to present our project at this event.

Q: What did you implement in Slovenia thanks to TRINNO?

We have implemented two actions in Slovenia: first, we have improved our voucher scheme for SMEs and also micro companies; and second we have introduced subsidised trainings for craftsmen, both in digital innovation and in design of innovative products.

Q: Do you have any feedback on the changes your brought to Slovenia?

Yes. I would like to mention that the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, which prepared the voucher scheme, is grateful to TRINNO because the project allowed them to work with Irish colleagues on the funding scheme. And the results in Slovenia are beyond expectations and we get a lot of positive feedback from the craftsmen.

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You can watch the full interview to hear more about the changes TRINNO brought to their regions.

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