On 1 January 2021, Portugal took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from Germany. It is the fourth time this westernmost European country is in charge of the Council. One of the main priorities of the six-month presidency is to promote Europe's recovery, cohesion and values.

The Portuguese presidency took over the relay in the COVID-19 pandemic recovery work with the Recovery and Resilience Facility. It is also ready to start the implementation of the new Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027) and the Next Generation EU instrument.

Let’s have a look at how project partners from Portugal work with others in Interreg Europe.

All Portuguese regions are involved

Map of Portugal and islands involved in Interreg EuropePortugal is one of the smaller countries in the European Union with its population of 10.5 million. Yet it is well represented in our interregional cooperation projects with 83 partners.

Portuguese partners represent all 7 regions, including the islands, in our cooperation projects. They bring to these regions new ideas from other corners of Europe and also share with others the good practices tried and tested in Portugal.

68 of the 258 running Interreg Europe projects have partner organisations from Portugal. 9 of them have a Portuguese organisation leading the partnership.

Portuguese partners are improving policies in all topics

The 68 projects work on all topics supported by the programme. The highest interest of Portuguese partners is in research and innovation topics (24 projects). They lead 9 projects in the other topics.

A pie chart presenting Portuguese partners by topics

    Thanks to interregional cooperation and policy learning, 15 policy changes and improvements have already taken place in Portugal. 11 changes are linked to the Structural Funds programmes. Almost MEUR 32 of funding for implementation of the changes come from the Structural Funds.

    Click on the project acronym and find out about selected projects and some of the policy changes. Check how:

    Good practices from Portuguese regions

    Anyone can tap into the source of inspiration from Portugal, which is available in our good practice database. The Policy Learning Platform experts have validated 89 good practices from Portugal so far. See a few latest examples:

    Whether you are looking for ideas or new solutions in the field of research and innovation, SME competitiveness, low-carbon economy, or environment and resource efficiency, there are plenty from Portugal in the database.

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