We had a special treat prepared for the European Week of Regions and Cities. In an exclusive 4-in-1 session, we brought together the directors and managing authorities of Interreg Europe, Interact, ESPON and Urbact to shed light on the 2021-2027 outlook. 

More than 200 participants followed the session live on 13 October, but even if you didn't happen to be among them - or want to go over the details again, a full video recording is available for replay.

Speakers of the session included:

  • Erwin Siweris, Programme Director, Interreg Europe 
  • Emmanuel Moulin, Head of Secretariat, URBACT
  • Petra Masácová, Head of Managing Authority, Interact
  • Wiktor Szydarowski, Director, ESPON
  • Thiemo Eser, Managing Authority, ESPON

Each of them shared highlights and updates for all the four pan-European cooperation programmes respectively on:

  • what have been their greatest achievements in this programming period;
  • what to expect from the 2021-2027 programmes, and;
  • what opportunities are still available for you to make use of right now.

You can also download the presentation slides.

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