Regions play an active role in Europe’s transition to a greener future. Building a healthier planet for healthier people starts with local action. Strengthening the regions' capacity to reduce pollution contributes to delivering on the zero pollution ambition.  

This webinar 'Solutions for healthier people and planet: How interregional cooperation contributes to the zero pollution ambition' (2 June, 14:00-15:30 CEST) presented how cooperation and sharing of good practices between regions accelerates the uptake of novel technologies and solutions for reducing pollution and working towards a healthier, cleaner environment. The webinar was organised as an EU Green Week partner event.

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The webinar highlights the role that regions play in contributing to the zero pollution agenda and a more sustainable EU economy. With concrete project examples, we explored how cooperation has inspired pollution reduction initiatives in the regions. The session brought together speakers who shared selected examples of less polluting/zero pollution projects and initiatives to steer change and encourage uptake of novel solutions. 

Get inspired by the good practices and pilot actions of Interreg Europe projects working on these issues. Find out how you can get involved in policy learning actions and benefit from the services of the Policy Learning Platform, and hear how the next Interreg Europe programme will continue to support further work towards healthier people, planet and the zero pollution ambition.

Speakers include:

  • Martin Romantschuk (University of Helsinki) illustrates how inspiration from innovative remediation techniques from TANIA project are put into practice in Päijät-Häme (Finland); 
  • Jan Marek (INOTEX) outlines how the RESET project has sparked new initiatives to develop sustainability and eco-creativity of the textile sector and within the Czech technical textiles cluster;
  • Matti Allam (Film London) shares an example of how the Green Screen project has inspired a pilot action in London to reduce the environmental impact and increase the use of renewable energy in audiovisual productions; 
  • Astrid Severin (Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform) introduces the peer review opportunities and other expert services available for regions through the Policy Learning Platform;
  • Nicolas Singer (Interreg Europe) gives an overview of the future of interregional cooperation in 2021-2027 and the next Interreg Europe programme.

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