Over four years have now passed since Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) officially entered European policy. As the end of the programming period approaches, it is time to debate on the state of the art of monitoring activities and start defining a framework to evaluate S3. This will be discussed in a workshop on 24 January 2019.

The Joint Research Centre has developed a solid framework for monitoring, in response of a very strong demand from national and regional authorities.  In order to address these aspects, it is necessary to build a space for communication between researchers and practitioners, based on shared empirical and conceptual ground.

The aim of this interactive workshop is two-fold:

  • Share the JRC knowledge and work on monitoring which include:

    • A basic conceptual framework for S3 monitoring, illustrated in detail in a Massive Open Online Course, available on the iversity platform.
    • Empirical evidence on S3 monitoring related issues (state of the play, challenges, obstacles, etc.) collected through surveys and workshops.

  • Start building a conceptual framework for S3 evaluation.

For more information, see the concept note and agenda.

Please note that the workshop will also be webstreamed.