The S3 Thematic Platforms Conference and Meetings will be held on the 27th and 28th of November in Bilbao, bringing together partners from three Thematic Platforms: Agri-Food, Energy and Industrial Modernisation.

The event combines joint sessions for all platforms, as well as platform-specific thematic meetings. 

The main event is the joint conference "Working Together towards Joints Investments" on 27 November. It focuses on cooperation between partnerships across the three thematic platforms, and how that can further support the knowledge base of regional innovation systems, enhancing the potential for upgrading products, improving participating regions' position in global value chains, and leading to new opportunities and growth.

The aim is to explore new paths of development, inter-partnership collaboration, and the future of the thematic approach to S3 and collaboration opportunities across the three thematic platform's partnerships.

More information about the conference and meetings are available on the event website.