Europe is full of solutions. Sharing them benefits us all. Interregional cooperation is the engine that makes this happen. At this very moment, over 2 000 project partners in more than 200 regions across Europe are exchanging experiences and learning from each other.

In this session, we will take a look at how cooperation sparks innovative solutions that are transformed into tangible actions and lasting results, thereby contributing to territorial development. We will do so through stories. You will hear three short EURegions talks on the impact, results and added value of interregional cooperation.

Session details

  • Session code: 9TK120
  • Date: 9 October 2018
  • Time: 14:30-15:00
  • Venue: SQUARE Brussels, Room 213

The session capacity is limited and advance registration is required. The online registration is open until 28 September on the #EURegionsWeek website. Be quick to register and secure your spot and join us for a moment of inspiration in October!

And that's not all! Interreg Europe organises and contributes to various other sessions and activities during the #EURegionsWeek as well. See our overview page for more information.