After the year has kicked off with the MOOC on 'How to make the most of EU resources for regions and cities' (for which you can still enroll and earn your certificate, as the content is available online until February 2019), it is time to continue learning.

The next EU-inspired MOOC is focused on 'Monitoring Smart Specialisation Strategies'. In five weeks, you will learn how to build an effective monitoring system for your Smart Specialisation Strategy and help your region meet its long-term goals.  

The course is brought to you by the Joint Research Centre. The starting point of the MOOC is the importance of research and innovation in the European Union strategies and the EU Cohesion policy. More specifically, the focus is on the regional research and innovation strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) that guide public investment in the coming years. For this, an effective monitoring system is needed.

You will learn: 

  • The principles underpinning RIS3 and RIS3 monitoring
  • The nature of the core-indicators relevant to monitoring RIS3
  • The potential data-sources needed to monitor RIS3
  • The role of stakeholders in monitoring
  • The tactics for a successful use of monitoring
  • Why it is crucial to develop a good monitoring system

This MOOC is open to anyone interested in monitoring knowledge-based regional development and RIS3 strategies in particular. It will run on the iversity platform and go online in March 2018. Registration is already open.