The focus of the Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference taking place in Brussels 20-21 February will be on 'Delivering on the Circular Economy - What's next?'. 

The EU Circular Economy Package was adopted in December 2015. Since then, more than half of the initiatives included in the Action Plan have been delivered. Now is thus the time to look ahead and discuss the future.

The conference will provide a forum to:

  • discuss upcoming deliverables
  • explore new areas of action
  • share the first achievements of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • learn about the experiences of key players in the transition to a circular, resource-efficient and low-carbon economy
  • discover new circular alternatives to help them become sustainability front-runners
  • discuss and share their views on upcoming initiatives
  • engage in matchmaking
  • exchange good practices via knowledge sharing and dialogue

The event is organised back-to-back with the EU Industry Day, bringing together industry representatives, public authorities, NGOs and citizens.

Furthermore, circular economy stakeholders are also invited to share good practice through an online form and contribute to a joint repository of initiatives.

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