On 25 September 2017, the European Commission organizes a Conference on the future of EU finances, hosted by DG BUDG. The conference will bring together high-level members of European institutions, representatives of EU governments and other stakeholders to discuss how the EU budget can contribute to shape the future of Europe: how to put money where it matters; how to capitalise on achievements; and how to design future-proof EU finances.

The conference is part of the Budget Focused on Results (BFoR) initiative launched in 2015 with the purpose to maximise the Union's budget effectiveness and value added.

The conference is organised around three key topics:

  • Dealing with current and future challenges: A EU Value added budget - fitting with political realities and responding to future challenges
  • Policy focus on Research & Innovation: EU financing for a thriving modern society
  • Financing EU's future: What will the next MFF look like?

The event is webstreamed.