The evaluation process is being carried out by several means such as the execution balance, the collection of information through questionnaires that were sent to the nearly 900 beneficiaries of funding programmes, agents from the Galician R+D+i system, the organization of discussion groups, panels of experts and advisory councils and also the consultation with society in general. The  evaluation methodology that is being used is a participatory process, continuing with the  entrepreneurial discovery approach already implemented in the preparation of the RIS3.

In regard of the group discussions, sectoral workshops bringing together the main agents of the Galician innovation system (Administration, research organizations, companies and society) around each of the three challenges of the Strategy. The workshops were focused in each of the challenges of the Galicia RIS3, namely:

Challenge 1: Innovative management of natural and cultural resources

Challenge 2: New industrial model based on competitiveness

Challenge 3: New model of healthy life based on the active ageing 

The consultation with society is being implemented thanks to an on-line survey opened for all the public, available at: