The meeting took place in Bucharest at the MDRAP headquarters, in the Council Room, where members of the Joint Research Center (JRC) and the European Comission were present.

The workshop focused on the monitoring of RIS3 strategies, with a methodology for the intervention logic of each priority axis of the RIS3 strategy. Several directions of action for the next period have also been established within the Coordination Committee.

During the first work session on RIS3 monitoring, regional representatives were divided into two groups: 

1. Northwest (moderator), Southwest Oltenia, West, Center

2. North-East (moderator), South-East, South-Muntenia, Bucharesti-llfov

During this session, each region presented how RIS3 monitoring is being implemented and problems / deficiencies in this approach. 

From the West Region, Mr. Cristian Gotia presented that, at the level of the West Region, there is a draft RIS3 monitoring methodology in relation to the Axis 1 ROP 2014-2020 policy instrument on technology transfer.

The methodology has been developed within the Interreg Monitoris3 project ( and focuses on a monitoring system tailored to projects submitted under Axis 1 ROP 2014-2020, the objective being to capture the changes behavior and approach among innovation institutions and companies with long-term effect on economic performance.