This September Corsican Regional Authority, one of MOMAr partners, held their stakeholder meeting in Ajaccio Villa Heritage Directorate Villa Ripert CDC, Corsica (France). The purpose of this meeting was to exchange good practices and feedback from the experiences of the island partners that are working in the protection and enhancement of heritage to learn about different methodologies and approaches. These exchanges will then focus on the Heritage Label project. 11 stakeholders assisted from diverse fields.  

MOMAr Project

The meeting took place this 5 of September 2020. Laurence Pinelli and Felix Bacci from Collectivité De Corse (CDC) Heritage Department started by presenting the European MOMAr Project giving the objective, the opportunity, and interest for the cooperation. 
Next, they explained MOMAr principles including the duration, who the other partners are, the importance of developing action plans with the stakeholders and the exchange of good and bad practices.

Good Practices

This presentation led to the feedback on experiences, good practices by local partners in the context of the enhancement of Corsican Heritage. The first one was by Marie Hélène Giuly from Heritage policies pole - the City of Bastia, she talked about the rehabilitation of the Guadello garden and the Guadello trail and the widening of heritage signage. Subsequently, Sylvie Muraccioli and Julie Padovani, both director of the European and International Affairs - City of Ajaccio, talked about the Valorisation of the Napoleonic heritage City of Ajaccio. The last practice was the Realization of 17 Heritage Trails on the island territory by Marie-Luce Castelli, Anne Paolacci, and Dom-Philippe Carlotti from the Office de l’Environnement de la Corse.

Heritage Foundation

Vannina Bernand -Leon was in representation of the innovation center of the University of Corsica, they are working on the rediscovery of Corsican know-how while linking them with contemporary creation, in particular through digital designs and workshops arranged within the Fablab. The interventions of the participants on the creation of a heritage label are firstly oriented on an inventory of existing labeling tools.Thierry Rovere from the Fondation du Patrimoine - Corsican delegation explained that the Heritage Foundation works to safeguard and enhance French heritage, through the label, public subscription and corporate sponsorship, it supports individuals, communities and associations in restoration projects.

To conclude, they discussed that the study before the creation of heritage labels should provide for consultations all the partners working in this field. The CDC valuation service is, therefore, planning cooperation work and will propose a series of meetings to work on the implementation of the label.