This September, MOMAr’s project was part of the agenda on the Transromanica online meeting, which represented a great opportunity for explaining MOMAr’s project and having more people involved.

Transromanica is a member of the regional stakeholder group in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) one of MOMAr’s partners. The group combines Romanesque heritage across eight European countries, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Serbia, and Romania, connecting Saxony-Anhalt to a transnational network.

The meeting

The web conference was held this past September 14, and it was hosted by the head office in Magdeburg (Saxony-Anhalt), with the attendance of 12 participants from Germany, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, and Serbia. Frank Thäger, the ministry for Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt, gave a presentation of MOMAr to explain its goal of improving management structures and marketing processes for natural and cultural heritage in rural areas. As well as on sharing the duration of the project, budget, and the different partners the project has.

The conference finished by detailing MOMAr’s current state of work, explaining the next partner meeting in November, and some of the accomplishments that have been done right up to the moment.