Mehedinti County (Romania), one of MOMAr’s partners, welcomed the first Stakeholders meeting in Mehedinti County Council headquarters the past January 2020. The aim of this meeting was to explain MOMAr’s project to each stakeholder and to make them aware of the fact that they will have a relevant participation with their opinion in all project phases. Also, it was intended to get from the group their interest closed to the topic, good practices on rural singular heritage management which could be later shared with the other partners.

The session

The program of the meeting started with the introduction of MOMAr’s project, its objectives and results in order for them to understand the expectations regarding the setting of the stakeholder group. Then, they identified practices that have been made in other partners’ territories, and finished the meeting discussing proposals for Mehedinti County.

The stakeholders group had a very active meeting and were very enthusiastic about the project, they proposed to organized thematic tours of the cultural and natural heritage of Mehedinti County aiming to raise awareness of the local population, and to organize live exhibitions of popular costumes regarding the intangible heritage. The overall group had confidence that good practices will be identified for fragile areas in Mehedinti County.