On the 10th and 11th of March 2020, Corsican Regional Authority one of the territories and partners on MOMAr programme will welcome the first Interregional Meeting of Exchange Experiences where 23 professionals on heritage and the representatives of other European territories working on MOMAr´s project will get together to exchange their experiences in management policies for heritage involving sustainability, efficiency and demographic fragility. As well to get to know Corsica cultural and natural heritage and its management proposals. 

The program is divided into two days, first one it’s planned to have 3 study visits in Centre of Conservation and Restoration of Corsican Heritage, Museum of Corsica and presentation of its last exposition and Fab Lab Corti in University of Corsica. Then everyone will get together to have plenary sessions to end with an exchange of good practices from the European territories working on MOMAr project, such as the Province of Zaragoza, county of Mehedinti in Romania, province of Groningen in the Netherlands, the Saxony-Anhalt area in Germany and Corsica Region.

The second day will take place in the Museum of Aleria to have an introduction of failed practices, a plenary session on Communication, a steering committee to discuss different topics and to finish with another study visit in the Museum and Archaeological Site of Aleria. 

This first interregional meeting will be a great opportunity for establishing better relationships with MOMArs partners, besides to discuss very important topics related to the project such as exchanging experiences, getting to know good practices and decisions making.