The kick-off meeting of the MOMAr program was held in the province of Zaragoza on September 17th and 18th.  

The kick-off meeting took place at the Monastery of Veruela, in Vera de Moncayo, and was given by the lead partner. The project partners, who came from the Territorial Administrative Unit District of Mehedinti, in Romania, the Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia - RERA a.s. , from the Czech Republic, from the Province of Groningen in the Netherlands, from the Ministry of Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany and from the Corsican Regional Administration.  

After the inaugural conference, the partners presented their respective territories and the management that their administrations develop within the scope of cultural heritage. These are territories with a low population density that have a cultural legacy of the first order, which includes figures declared as World Heritage. After becoming known, the partners made several study visits on the first day to the Monastery of Veruela in charge of the Girola Servicios Turísticos, to Tarazona by the Fundación Tarazona Monumental and to the Borja estanca where the workday ended. The next day, study visits continued in Tobed, where the work of the Territorio Mudéjar and Rodén, a depopulated municipality of the municipality of Fuentes de Ebro, was explained. Later lectures on the scientific, economic management and communication of the MOMAr programme were given. 

Different agreements were made, such as celebrating the "Interregional Event of Exchange of experiences 1 (IEE 1)" in Corsica, France, where they will exchange good practices on "Without people there are no resources: Exchanges of local management observing efficiency, sustainability and demographic fragility". on 11th and 12th of march 2020.