MOMAr partners and stakeholders are working hard to give shape their Action Plans with the goal to have them ready before July 2022. In order to help them and give the best advice on how to design a successful Action Plan, Gema Quílez, MSC Associates adviser and expert on the development of action plans, offered an instructive workshop to the partners, giving recommendations and examples of previous projects which accomplished high standards of quality for them to take as a reference.


Quílez started her speech highlighting one of the main objectives of these plans which is to transform learning into action. After the first phase of exchange of good and challenging practices, learning from other countries and experts, now it’s time to convert all this knowledge into real actions that can benefit the territories.

With this purpose, the expert revised the different parts of the template the partners will need to fill out, explaining the details and the clues to do it correctly. Besides, she gave some tips for the writing phase and stressed important facts to consider such as the proposals need to be ambitious but realistic, and stakeholders must play a key role in the design as well as the implementation of action plans.

That same day, the scientific team, lead by Isabel Soria and Irene Ruiz, took the opportunity to have an informative and coordination meeting with the responsibles for the project in the Provincial Government of Zaragoza (lead partner), Mari Carmen Garcia, Head of the Culture Service, and Juan José Borque, coordinator of the citizenship area. The meeting served to delve into the progress and development of the Spanish Action Plan.