On September 16, the MOMAr scientific team, formed by Isabel Soria and Irene Ruiz, traveled to the town of Remolinos in the Zaragoza province to follow up on two previous studies that are being carried out to plan the future management of its mining heritage, as well as to report on the progress of the MOMAr project.

After a field visit, the MOMAr team met with the mayor of the town, Alfredo Zaldívar, who is very involved with the project, together they planned the next steps to take. The collaboration established between the city council and the University of Zaragoza, thanks to MOMAr, is going to materialize in two interrelated projects.

One of them is carried out by the Department of Applied Economics titled "Business plan and viability of industrial heritage in Remolinos”, led by a team made up of the professors Beatriz Cuellar, Yolanda Fuertes, and Tomás Blanc, with the following objectives:

  • Locate and study the business plan of other places related to industrial heritage.
  • Fulfill a study that foresees the necessary budget to make the maintenance of the project viable.
  • Carry out a study on the indirect benefits that the municipality can obtain.

The second project is entitled "Cataloging, research, and enhancement of the salt heritage of Remolinos (Zaragoza)", and is being developed by the Department of Art History, within the Master in Cultural Heritage Management, under the management of Professor Pilar Biel, together with the Master student, Irene Martínez, whose purpose is to develop the following activities:

  • Inventory and catalog the mining remains located in the municipality of Remolinos.
  • Collect oral and graphic memory related to the mining activity of Remolinos.
  • Locate and analyze documentation related to mining activity in the town among local, regional and national archives.
  • Present a proposal for a comprehensive management plan for the patrimonial remains of the Remolinos mines.

Both projects will be concluded in November of this year and will serve as the basis for the development of a management project that will be part of the Action Plan of the Provincial Government of Zaragoza, MOMAr’s lead partner.