Last 18th of March, 15 representatives from seven different organizations from the Province of Groningen got together in an online event to discuss the chance to develop a Pilot Action. Therefore, the meeting focused on the exchange of ideas around themes 'contemplation' and 'experience complete cultural landscapes', inspiration was found in the MOMAr Good Practice of the WelterbeCard from Saxony-Anhalt stakeholder.

Three presentations were given, and the professionals discussed the pros and cons about them. The goal was to find innovative and creative cross-pollination between keep-safe of heritage and cultural landscapes and marketing of the region for inhabitants and visitors. By looking at combinations within cocreation between organisations on the one hand and combining new and old facilities into an innovative new product on the other. This could be tried out for the subject 'places of contemplation', the experts coincided.

As a result of this profitable dialog, the attendees agreed on a first viable set up although they will keep working to find new focus and common goals. For that purpose, the three leading organisations (Marketing Groningen, Museum Aan de AA and the Province of Groningen) will work on a first draft and a new meeting will take place within three weeks.

“MOMAr inspires the Province of Groningen to adopt more and more a multidisciplined approach together with stakeholders in order to find co-creation between heritage, cultural landscapes, culture, leisure, (in- and nonformal) education and museums, connectivity and transport of rural areas”, concluded Janneke Verdijk, MOMAr's project coordinator of the Province of Groningen, after the meeting.