Provincial Government of Zaragoza, MOMAr lead partner, organized in September a meeting with the local action group of the Ribera Alta del Ebro region, ADRAE, in the village of Gallur. Previous telematic meetings had been held to specify some actions in matters of heritage management that are going to be launched in the region within the scope of the MOMAr project.

The event was attended by Isabel Soria, Culture officer at DPZ and Irene Ruiz Bazán, MOMAr scientific coordinator, who were received at the ADRAE Headquarters, an Aragonese-style palace restored and converted into offices and homes, by the manager, María del Castillo García Casbas.

During the meeting, various synergies were established in which work will begin, among the different initiatives that are being carried out in the region in terms of heritage management, especially the mining heritage of the Minas de Remolinos, and the Aragon Imperial Channel in which joint work points will be sought with the different university-level stakeholders participating in the project.