RERA a.s. – Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia, MOMAr partners in the Czech Republic, hold their second stakeholder meeting this semester with the aim of launching closer cooperation with regional authority and learn about more good practice examples of the region. The meeting took place in the regional authority office, Department of Cultural Heritage Management.

Due to several absences and COVID restrictions, there was only one stakeholder in the meeting, the Head of Heritage Protection Department of South Bohemian Regional Authority. There were several topics discussed such as the potential exchange of experience, adoption of good examples from partner regions, tips for potential study visits planned in Spring 2022, and lastly to have closer cooperation with the regional authority on project activities. The conversation leads to the importance of having a more diverse and interesting good example of cultural heritage management. 

The participants highlighted the importance of Monument law and its real-life implementation, an essential legislature that affects cultural heritage preservation and management in the country, both protecting the heritage from being destroyed on one side but hampering its innovative development and usage on the other side. As well, they mention the importance of the National Monument Authority, the management body of cultural heritage assets in the country.

The meeting concluded with introducing the Regional Cultural Heritage Concept 2020 and the regional document dealing with preservation and development of region-owned heritage sites, pointing some less known cultural heritage (eg. Monuments from the industrial era, the first half of 20th-century monuments).