MOMAr is starting to prepare one of the key works to be developed within the project in relation to the strategies to be implemented in the Action Plans: The Undermanagement Case Study Laboratory.

To guide the work, a first workshop/Kick-off will be held online on the 22nd of April in which experts and stakeholders from the six country partners will participate in a workshop to collaborate on the identification of two case studies by country and to work and discuss on the development of the studies. This phase of the project will culminate in the Case Study Laboratory that will be organized in Saxony-Anhalt to work together in the partnership on the applicability of the models of singular heritage management learned to undermanaged or unexploited heritage identified in the partner regions.

Through this event, models of management learned during the cooperation will be hypothetically linked to real heritage cases in partner territories. The Six Hats Methodology will be used to approach this event, enabling different perspectives to be explored for every particular case.

Agenda 22 April 2021.  Undermanagement Case Study Laboratory kick-off workshop

10:30 Welcome, in-house rules

10:35-11:30 10:30. Presentation and open discussion of possible cases of undermanagement identified by each partner

  • P.1.DPZ Provincial Government of Zaragoza
  • P.2.Territorial Administrative Unit Mehedinti County
  • P.3.Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia -RERA
  • P.4.Province of Groningen
  • P.5.Ministry for Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt
  • P.6.Corsican Regional Authority

11:30-12:30 Round table with partners, stakeholders, and experts invited to discuss the cases presented and define lines of work.

12:30 Closure and wrap up

The event will be online. To attend the event, please fill in this registration form.