Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Torino, welcomed the representatives of the five cities involved in the MOLOC project last Wednesday 23 May 2018 in Torino:

"La revisione del Piano regolatore sotto il profilo ambientale Progetto MOLOC. Esperti di Lille, Amburgo, Suceava, dell'Istituto Minerario di Katowice e di Energy Cities per studiare le trasformazioni urbane" - "The revision of the Master Plan from an environmental point of view. Experts from Lille, Hamburg, Suceava, the Mining Institute of Katowice and Energy Cities to study urban transformations". (via Twitter)

During two days, the partners of the MOLOC project met in Torino for the first study visit of the year. Five study visits will be organised in the five partner cities to understand the solutions developed with the local partners and exchange on best practices and issues faced by local authorities in the development of a low-carbon city.

The meeting kicked-off with a presentation of the current revision of the General Master Plan, which is the Policy instrument addressed by Torino within the MOLOC project. Partners took the opportunity to discuss with local representatives of the City of Torino, especially about the creation and the maintenance of green spaces in cities.

 Urban Center Metropolitano di Torino

Torino organised different visits on site. This was a great opportunity to illustrate the morning discussions and led to interesting exchanges:

- Parco Peccei is a 43 000m² park, taking place in a former industrial site. It is an example of environment sustainability. A post-industrial infrastructure has been kept to receive solar panels ensuring energy independance of the park. It has been jointly designed with the surrounding innhabitants and local artists.

- Parco Dora is an example of a successful transformation of industrial brownfield into a park. It is a post-industrial park covering 45 hectares, where stands the large hall of metal in the centre of the park, representing the industrial memory.

- The Energy Centre has been launched in 2016 to support and stimulate series of actions and projects that will provide support and advice to local, national and transnational authorities on energy policies and technology.

Partners gathered to exchange on strategies chosen by Torino to regenerate the city after the fall of the industry, helping participants for the design of efficient action plans. The exchanges focused on sustainable urban strategies for city redevelopment and the involvement of citizens. For example, the Urban Centre Metropolitano will organise the "Wednesdays Plan" (Mercoledi del Piano), to explain and co-design the General Master Plan.

 Parco Peccei

 Parco Dora