The six partners of the MOLOC project are very looking forward to meeting in Lille to kick-off the MOLOC project. The City of Lille, leading the project, is proud to welcome the delegations from the City of Turin, the City of Hamburg, the City of Suceava, the Central Mining Institute of Katowice along with representatives from the City of Katowice and the experts of Energy Cities, advisory Partner in the project. Elected representatives of the City of Lille will open the meeting on Monday, March 13th. A round table will gather speakers from all the partners to discuss their conceptions of low carbon urban models and their expectations towards the project. In the afternoon, two parallel site visits will enable participants to discover exemplary urban projects that were initiated on former brownfields and pay special attention to their ecological impact. The second day will be animated by Energy Cities, running a workshop to help project partners to get to know each other, and stepping the first feet into the next project activities. The last morning will be lead by the City of Lille to present the project management and communication methodologies.