The Southern Regional Assembly as a partner in the MATCH-UP Interreg project hosted a significant event that was well supported by the people of Cork. The main guest speaker was Sebastiaan van der Hijden, the Strategic Mobility Advisor for the Municipality of Utrecht to make a thought provoking presentation on “Planning for People (& Bikes), Not for Cars” during European Mobility Week.

He provided a presentation outlining the world class good practices that are evident in the Municipality of Utrecht to assist with improving multi modal travel and promoting end to end sustainable journeys.

“This event was a great opportunity for the people of Cork to see the impressive work that the Municipality of Utrecht have undertaken to create travel hubs and increase low carbon transport in their cities” said Rose Power, EU Projects Officer for the Southern Regional Assembly.

Here a video of the Guest Speaker Sebastiaan van der Hijden, Municipality of Utrecht “Planning for People(& Bikes), Not for Cars”