The Municipality of Timisoara is one of the partners in the project REDISCOVER, expose and exploit the concealed Jewish heritage of the Danube Region, co-funded through the Danube Transnational Programme. The project's main objective is to explore, revive and present the hidden intellectual heritage along with locally available Jewish cultural heritage of partner cities. The partnership is based on cities with similar historical background, Jewish heritage, and similar cultural and tourism goals.

This project will see the Municipality test and implement several tourist products, one of which is the Guided Tour of Jewish Timișoara. Timișoara has a significant Jewish cultural heritage that can be used to create a general guided tour in the three historical districts - Cetate, Fabric, Iosefin - and the Jewish Cemetery, as well as one tour in each district.

A common element for all tours is the visit to Jewish heritage landmarks like the Synagogues, the Cemetery and the Community’s headquarters. In order to increase the attractiveness of the tour and to avoid the heavy traffic, alternative means of transport between these tourist attractions will be used, namely Vaporettos on the Bega River to travel from one district to another. During the Vaporetto ride, tourists will listen to Jewish music and taste traditional Jewish food.