Within the scope of the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS Project, a project aimed at the implementation of innovative solutions in the field of mobility and accessibility, the Municipality of Funchal is currently developing an information platform, providing data related to mobility and transport to tourists and residents.

The development of these tools is aligned to the strategic vision of the Municipality of Funchal, duly framed with the digital connectivity and the axis of the so-called intelligent mobility, based on the autonomization and real-time collection of traffic data capable of supporting the decision making process.

This platform, embodied in a mobile APP, aims to provide tourists and residents with a wide range of information, focusing not only on mobility and transport, including public transport, but also on other components and services currently available to the public by the Municipality of Funchal.

In detail, the APP will include the inclusion of the following contents, namely:

• Spatial data related to road interruptions;

• Path mapping;

• Geolocation of parking data and electric recharge points;

• Collective public transportation, including careers and location of dedicated stops;

• Real-time parking information (module to be incorporated in the future, depending on the integration of sensors).