Join the Virtual Summit in June 11-12, 2019 from the convenience of your desk and don’t miss this opportunity to reflect and learn on how Responsible Innovation can influence on start-ups’ work.

“Startups are at the forefront of innovation in Europe. Venture capital and access to finance are critical in the initial phases of business development.
But are responsible innovation and sustainable business models rewarded by investors? And how can innovation support organisations promote responsibility in start-ups?”

Among more than 50 high-level speakers on the topic, Giulia Bubbolini, from the lead partner of MARIE and one of the main European expert on Responsible Research and Innovation.

The event follows three main keywords: Learn, Explore and Discuss.

Learn: on how investors and investments support start-ups with responsible innovation focus, but also on which are the main paths in responsible innovation for a smart future living. Houses and cities are changing and there’s need for responsible innovations for a sustainable and fair living.

Explore: which are the main barriers to responsible innovation in start-ups and SMEs? Don’t miss the implemented new ideas, solutions and collaborations.

Discuss: the great potential of startups and SMEs to foster Responsible Innovation approach and vision. The Virtual meeting will be a concrete opportunity to be connected with peers and experts on the topic.

Connected with the Virtual Meeting there will be a video competition on pitches on Responsible Innovation, for the finalists, monetary prizes, more info on the dedicated web page. 

See you soon, behind your desk, for the Virtual Summit on Responsible Innovation!

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash