MARIE has been using virtual meetings to touch base and to cover the less “interactive” sides of project meetings….management, reporting, deadlines. We had our 4th such meeting today and it was great. With MARIE partners, even a chat about progress reports turns into interesting exchange!

On the agenda was budget monitoring, progress reports, but also communication, planning our public event (Galicia, winter 2019 – watch this space!), possible pilot actions and how Action Plan development is going.

We learned about partners ideas for policy improvements…and two or maybe three cases where these improvements have already become a reality (again, watch this space…news of the first Policy Improvement coming soon). We talked about the kinds of topics that partners still wish to cover with our interregional exchange…ranging from how to monitor the impact of RRI, to practical case studies for enterprises to understand how to make their innovation processes more responsible.

Thanks to our wonderful, enthusiastic and responsible partners for all their work! Next stop: Interregional Learning Event in Kiel (Germany) on 13th-14th June 2019. Details will follow…

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash