On the 30th of April, the International Handbook on Responsible Innovation was made available for everyone and on the Foundation Bassetti website provides us with all the necessary information.

MARIE recognises the great opportunity for continuous learning and knowledge sharing mostly on RRI topic, so we are grateful to René von Schomberg and Jonathan Hankins to the publication.

“The Handbook constitutes a global resource for the fast-growing interdisciplinary research and policy communities addressing the challenge of driving innovation towards socially desirable outcomes. This book brings together well-known authors from the US, Europe, Asia and South-Africa who develop conceptual and regional perspectives on responsible innovation as well as exploring the prospects for further implementation of responsible innovation in emerging technological practices ranging from agriculture and medicine, to nanotechnology and robotics. The emphasis is on the socio-economic and normative dimensions of innovation including issues of social risk and sustainability”.

Each section is curated by influential researchers and authors on the topic and the value of the handbook is already been recognized by several experts, organisations and universities as a significant tool for who is interest in RRI topic and is working on it.

Happy and responsible reading!

News photo by Rita Morais on Unsplash