On April 10th and 11th, MARIE participated in New HoRRIzon Social Lab #2 in Brussels.

Actually, MARIE starred in New HoRRIzon Social Lab #2, with our Tiina Ramstedt-Sen from Tampere Region bringing to the discussion their responsible innovation requirements for AI projects applying for grants within the local ROP.

Participants grilled Tiina with questions and engaged in a surgical SWOT exercise. Interest was very high: using public grants to support the RRI agenda while funding projects delivering innovative products and services is a smart move to get enterprises on board. Definitely, there was food for thoughts to bring back home to the other MARIE partners, also looking into including RRI requirements in their funding policies.

The diversity of cases fed to the Social Lab was intriguing: we ranged from including RRI in policy academy curricula, to bringing RRI towards SMEs, to the evolution of parts CSR into RRI.

In MARIE we believe exchanging with other projects, be them from the Interreg family or the H2020 domain, adds real value to the process of delivering improved policy instruments.

This is Europe cooperation and we love it!

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash