The final event of the Horizon 2020 project “COMPASS took place in Brussels, on the 26th of March. It saw participation of several European companies, researchers from Universities and Research Centers and policymakers from governments at any level of the European Union.
These three actors’ groups are involved in the two trajectories of responsible innovation: RRI as springboards for the industrial development and as essential support for the driven job of policymakers.
MARIE project was enthusiastically represented by the Centre for Innovation and Economic Development, Romagna Chamber of Commerce with Giulia Bubbolini (speaker at the Self-assessment as a starting point for companies Panel), and the Southern Region Ireland.

The event was focused on the achievements and results of the H2020 project COMPASS which had a substantial agenda, mixing interactive and presentation sessions:

Stakeholder panel - Exchange of perspectives on the value of responsible innovation in companies and the challenges of practical implementation

Self-assessment as a starting point for companies - Presentation of purpose and functionalities of the COMPASS self-check tool, and conversation about learnings for companies

Interactive roadmap co-creation session - Conference participants develop responsible innovation roadmaps

Roadmaps for nanotechnology, cybersecurity and biomedicine - Presentation of three sector roadmaps, the differences between them and generalizable lessons learned

Outlook on future action - LIVING INNOVATION – A virtual expert community for responsible innovation in industry.
Southern Regional Ireland provides us with their key learnings, which can be downloaded here.

We are happy and proud to be part of the common European effort for the integration of the Responsible Research Innovation approach in any economic, academic and political sector. Grateful to “COMPASS – Evidence and Opportunities for Responsible Innovation in SMEs”, for the demonstration of how much can be done for the sustainable and responsible development in Europe, MARIE continues its job on the integration of a MAinstreaming Responsible Innovation in European S3.

Photo by Jordan Ladikos on Unsplash