Kaunas University of Technology and the city of Kaunas (Lithuania) were the host organisations of the 3rd Steering Group and TWT meetings of LOCARBO project, on 13-14th March. The new partner Alba Iulia Municipality was warmly welcomed by the partnership.

The 2-day intensive agenda integrated a set of sessions for the partners and stakeholders, including: site visits, 2nd stakeholder café with local stakeholders, good practices fair and roundtable discussion, and TWT meeting linked to the 3rd Steering Committee meeting.

Site visits to a renovated living apartment building (erected in 1975) in 2015 and a renovated residential quarter in 2016-17 in Riomeris Street that were subjected to integrated energy rehabilitation and urban renewal actions, and a visit to the Kaunas University pole dedicated to energy and sustainability research covered the site visits program.

Following the 2nd Stakeholder Café, it was presented a group of distinctive projects and experiences on buildings energy efficiency, with a view to get stakeholders’ involvement and exchange of ideas.

The 1st day event ended with a roundtable discussion of good practices related with Thematic Pillar 2 - “Innovative Cooperation Models” and the presentation of the main findings of the partners’ regional analysis.

On the 2nd day event, an internal partnership meeting was held in order to discuss technical, financial and communication management issues.