Province of Potenza hosted the LOCARBO (Novel roles of regional and LOcal authorities in supporting energy consumers’ behaviour change towards a low CARBOn economy) project kick-off meeting in 31 August -1 September 2016 with the support of INTERREG Europe Program.
LOCARBO project aims at improving policy instruments targeting demand driven initiatives to increase energy efficiency related to the built environment. This will be achieved by finding innovative ways for regional/local authorities to support energy consumers’ behavior change.
The 7 project partners from Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and the UK are aware that regional policies on energy efficiency can only be successful if pieces of the puzzle are brought together. Therefore, over the upcoming four years, LOCARBO will focus its activities on bottom-up initiatives on 3 thematic pillars (supplementary services and products offered by authorities, innovative cooperation models, and innovative technological solutions) in a fully integrated way.
The 2-day event were dedicated to the official partners meeting to present the main project activities (project management, financial management, and communication and dissemination tasks) and thematic tasks that LOCARBO will tackle in the coming four years.