The first semester of our project ends tomorrow, which is a great opportunity to recap what we have achieved in the first 6 months.

1. Kick-off meeting

The project officially began on August 1, but the first consortium meeting took place in September in the beautiful city of Pamplona.

2. European Week of Regions and Cities

In October, the European Week of Regions and Cities was held in Brussels. The LC Districts project was presented in one of the related workshops by Beatriz San Martín Zaragüeta, a representative of our Spanish partner Nasuvinsa. You can find more information here.

3. Local Stakeholder Meeting in the Czech Republic

The first local stakeholder meeting took place in the Czech Republic in December. The participants shared their experiences and discussed the upcoming OP Environment 2020-2027.

4. Interreg Europe project seminars in Budapest

In January we attended a very inspiring seminar on project communication as part of the Interreg Europe event in Budapest. We especially enjoyed the workshop on storytelling, which led us on how to communicate the aims and objectives of the project to the public.

5. Local stakeholder meetings and regional dissemination events in partner countries

At the end of January, local stakeholder meetings took place in Italy, Croatia and a regional dissemination event was held in the Czech Republic. The LC Districts project was introduced to interesting groups of local stakeholders, examples of good practice were presented, and fruitful discussions of participants followed. Meetings in Sweden and Spain are scheduled for February.

We are satisfied with the course of the project so far and look forward to the next semester of interregional cooperation!