Transnational Learning Journeys are at the core of LCA4Regions

Transnational Learning Journeys or TLJs represent an opportunity for dialogue between partners and a chance for stakeholders to join the project.

Every six months a partner region hosts a TLJ which includes thematic workshops, site visits and peer reviews. Focusing on one of the thematic pillars, a TLJ brings together partners and stakeholders to share challenges, opportunities and good practices to improve their regional policy instruments.

TLJ #1 - Lithuania (January 2020)

The workshop “From theory to practice”, tackled the implementation of LC (Life Cycle) methodologies in environmental and resource efficiency policies, focusing on practical means to apply LC into practice. In a second part partners compared and discussed the 7 regional analysis. Peer-to-peer discussions and round tables focused the potential application of LC in:

  • LC for resource efficiency;
  • LC in waste and material flows;
  • LC in public procurement.
More details and presentations of this TLJ here.
Report summarizing the TLJ here.

TLJ #2 - Navarre (June 2020)

With a virtual touch, this TLJ explored the life cycle concept and its relation to resource-efficiency. It included an overview of Navarre’s policy context, a discussion on the regional analysis benchmark, an introduction to the use of carbon metrics to reduce carbon impacts, a presentation of 7 LCA good practices on resource efficiency, and 2 virtual study-visits.

More details here.
Report summarizing the TLJ#2 here.

TLJ#3 - Satakunta (October 2020)

This TLJ focused on the exchange of experience on LCA for waste management and material flows, delving into the question from different angles thanks to three sessions: LCA for sustainable regional development; LCA good practices on waste management and material flows; case studies from Finland focused on waste management and nutrient recycling and peer review. Discussions and presentations of good practices brought on partners' path two essential tools with a high potential to reach the project’s objectives: material flow analysis and social life cycle assessment.

More details, including video recording and presentations, here.
Report summarizing the TLJ#3 here.

TLJ#4 - Slovenia (May 2021)

This TLJ focused on use of lifecycle tools and methods in public procurement. It included three sessions: LCA4Regions – LCA in public procurement; partners' Good Practices of LCA in public procurement; case studies and Peer review.

More details, including video recording and presentations, here.