Shifting from waste management approaches to circular economy strategies means revising how progresses are monitored. However, there is no simple and convenient way to monitor circularity and its impacts at local and regional level. The multi-dimensional aspect of circular economy and the diversity of objectives behind circular economy strategies make it necessary to identify new sets of targets and indicators.

LCA4regions will be featured as one of the two examples of Cities fostering the circular transition, a workshop of the upcoming European Week of Regions and Cities.  It will highlight how it is possible to go beyond weight-based indicators and better reflect the environmental impact of local circular economy strategies.

The workshop, organised by ACR+, Bwcon Gmbh, and the Technical University of Kosice, will take place online on 15 October 2020 from 09:30-11:00. The session is open to all but registration is required. Please note that registrations are closing on 27 September.

This is one of the many sessions of the rich programme of the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities, which will for the first time ever be fully digital. It will offer to participants more than 500 digital working sessions to discover over three consecutive weeks in October, from 5-22 October. This year, each of the three consecutive week is dedicated to one timely topic: Empowering Citizens, Cohesion & Cooperation, Green Europe.

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