Yesterday, 25th of August 2020, the third regional stakeholder event of the LCA4Regions project was organised in Satakunta, Finland. This time it was an online event and all about sharing views and ideas about good practices and the content of transnational learning journey (TLJ), which will be hosted by Pyhäjärvi Institute in October 2020. The aim was to update the progress of the project, experience and evaluate the already published good practices, and have a look to our own policy instruments regarding to LCA. Nine stakeholders attended and participated in the discussion.

The event started with the project news, presented by Pekka Maijala, specialist at Pyhäjärvi Institute. A deeper look was taken to the good practices in LCA and their identification, which was presented by Elisa Mikkilä, specialist at Pyhäjärvi Institute. Finally, the organisation and content of the upcoming transnational learning journey was discussed. New insights into various options for TLJ as a webinar based meeting was revealed.