The presentation on LCA in the construction industry, presented by a family company from the Lodzkie Region - Izodom 2000 Polska, aroused lively and positive reactions among international partners.


The company from the city of Zduńska Wola, Poland, received the most votes in the survey for the best practice in terms of its possible use in regional policy, conducted among international partners of the LCA4Regions project. Thanks to the technologies used, based on advanced methods of product life cycle analysis, careful selection of sub-suppliers and raw materials, as well as meticulous planning of production processes, and above all thanks to an excellent team of professionals, the company was able to boast excellent results in preventing CO2 emissions.

IZODOM produces styrofoam molds, assembly elements and specialized insulation panels for passive construction. The company’s offer also includes ready-made and designed buildings and energy-saving facilities - which meet very demanding pro-environmental and emission standards.

They are intended for a wide range of customers. The company is dynamically developing on the markets of the EU, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Russia and Ukraine. Construction facilities provide thermal comfort to residents of extreme climatic zones (from Siberia and Scandinavia to areas in the Sahara desert and Australia). The manufacturer's offer is adapted to various social needs. IZODOM's portfolio includes facilities for such diverse applications as schools, workshops, warehouses, buildings used in plant and animal breeding, public utility facilities and social housing.

An innovative approach to the issue of Life Cycle Assessment, applied in the philosophy of the vice-president of the company, Mr. Jakub Wójcik, which inspired the project partners - it is a comprehensive approach to buildings.

It takes into account processes: from the extraction of raw materials for building components to the re-use of remains after demolition/dismantling of a building object.

His comments on the possibility of shaping the demand and environmental standards by local governments and public authorities were also extremely valuable. Ultimately, such activities strengthen the local market, its innovative potential, additional qualifications on the labour market, and the achievements of universities and R&D facilities.

LCA is also a challenge - the problem is obtaining high-quality data from producers and sub-suppliers. There is a lack of high-class specialists and training modules at universities created for young engineers and innovative entrepreneurs who would like to meet specialized technological and process standards. In a few years, they may become the binding standard.

IZODOM knows what they say - and this is because of the firm’s committed team. Not only do they care about high ecological standards - by obtaining numerous certificates and awards - the company also cooperates with universities and R&D centers, industry institutions, and local governments. The venture is involved in European Community and global initiatives and projects (numerous projects co-financed by the EU, the Climate Summit in Katowice - as a signatory to the "Caring for Climate" program).

The most convincing, however, is the technology behind IZODOM Polska 2000. One of the nearly 20,000 buildings built since 1991 in 43 countries around the world has a positive impact on the environment until today, preventing huge amounts of harmful emissions. Importantly, each of such facilities is planned for dismantling and reuse of the resources from which it was built.

We sincerely thank you IZODOM TEAM for your positive influence and for sharing this amazing experience!

The LCA4Regions Lodzkie team