¡Saludos desde Navarra!
Agurrak Nafarroatik!

Greetings from Pamplona, Navarre, where we “travelled” for the second Transnational Learning Journey. This Iberic country is the leading partner of LCA4Regions. Are you curious to discover the Spanish face of the project?

Navarre’s ID card 

The hosting partner of this TLJ: 

  • City: Pamplona
  • Population: approx. 650.000 inhabitants
  • Policy instrument priority axis: Energy efficiency, smart energy management and the use of renewable energy in public infrastructures, including public buildings.
  • Economy: Services, industry (automotive, agroindustry, electronic products, energetic, renewable energy…), construction.
  • Expectations: Expand the use of life cycle methods in private and public sector trough the implementation of public policies. These actions will help to fight against climate change, improve environment protection, use resources more efficiently and lead Navarra to a greener and sustainable economy.
  • Promising pillars: Public procurement, Waste and Material Flow and Resource efficiency
  • To improve: Public procurement, Training and capacity building and Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Focus for improvement: Coordination between public departments and support for life cycle thinking
  • LC experience: Carbon footprint, waste prevention, circular economy.

Partner in LCA4Regions: Government of Navarra, AIN

The Government of Navarra is a regional public authority. The Department of Rural Development and Environment is in charge to lead LCA4Regions project, trough the team of Circular Economy and Climate Change Service.

This Service exercises the following competencies:

Planning and promoting the Circular Economy through the:

- control and prevention of pollution and waste

- management of authorizations and control of activities with environmental impact

Strategy against Climate Change, including mitigation and adaptation actions.

Environmental Quality of the hydric, atmospheric, and terrestrial means through planning, monitoring, control, and, where appropriate, adequate repair actions.


AIN is a private association that, through its specialized knowledge in management and technology, fosters collaboration and improves the competitive position of the industry and the environment. The Industrial Development Unit of AIN participates as a partner in the LCA4Regions project, sharing its knowledge and experience in LCA, and supporting the Government of Navarra to manage the project.

The expertise of this Unit is devoted to:

• Advance engineering solutions for industrial construction, efficient use of energy and environmental protection

• Unconventional systems for sensing, control, and communications with activities in advance predictive maintenance techniques

• Advanced data processing techniques

Navarra – Team:

Raúl Salanueva (Government of Navarra)

Head of the Waste Unit in the Government of Navarra and Chemist by profession is an expert and policymaker on waste management and circular economy with seventeen years of experience.

Delia Sola (Government of Navarra)

Responsible for European Projects of the Rural Development and Environmental Department. Agricultural Engineer by profession has 10 years of experience in a number of EU projects including H2020, LIFE, POCTEFA, or Interreg Europe.

David Sotillo (Government of Navarra)

Responsible for environmental control and quality of industrial activities and waste management in Navarra. Bachelor and Master in Industrial Engineering, has fifteen years experience in pollution control and resource consumption in industrial and waste management activities.

Sandra Elía (Government of Navarra)

LCA4Regions project coordinator. Environmental Scientist and Technical Agricultural Engineer with ten years of experience in environmental monitoring, organic farming and management and control of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Irene Eslava (AIN)

Project manager on environment and sustainability projects in the Industrial Development Unit in AIN. Industrial Engineer and Project Manager Professional, with more than twenty years of experience in the execution and management of environmental and sustainability, and industrial safety projects.

Nancy Tarjenian (AIN)

Head of the industrial transformation cluster AIN. Degree in Economic and Business Sciences. European project expert on innovation, digitization, resource efficiency, sectoral development, Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3), and internationalization.

José Luis Zabaleta (AIN)

Project manager on environment and sustainability projects in the Industrial Development Unit in AIN. Bachelor in Chemistry and Project Manager Professional has twenty-five years of experience in the execution and management of environmental and sustainability projects.

José Maria Sotro (AIN)

Industrial Engineer in the Industrial Development Unit in AIN, with more than twenty-five years of experience in energy, environmental, and industrial facilities projects.