The entire Interreg community celebrates the 30th anniversary of Interreg this year. One of the highlights of the celebration is a special edition of the Interreg 30 years Project Slam, organised by Interact and the European Commission. The Project Slam kicked off in April with a call for stories from projects, and we of course took up the challenge and submitted our story!

Guess what? Out of 150 projects from different Interreg programmes all across Europe, LCA4Regions has been selected in the shortlist of 30 stories by a jury of Interreg specialists and communication experts. Something even cooler? Our project is the only one representing Interreg Europe among these. Thank you Interreg Europe and Interact for this opportunity.

Last Wednesday, together with the other fellow adventurers shortlisted projects, we got the chance to attend a special workshop organised by Interact, where we received amazing tips to transform our stories into short videos! Now, we have the ingredients. Next step? Get creative and put them together to cook our first video-story!

Little spoiler: once the videos will be ready, the group of 30 will become six. Who knows, with a bit of luck, we could be between the final six winners to bring our story into life on stage during the European Week of Regions and Cities (10-15 October, Brussels)!  Well, let’s come down to earth...

Meanwhile, stay tuned – our story is taking shape!