COVID-19 not only has unprecedented impacts on our personal lives, but it also raises questions and brings challenges regarding municipal waste management practices and procedures.

Waste and material flows represents one of the six pillars that hold up LCA4Regions and it is now in the eye of the storm due to multiple factors that need to be reconsidered in the current context: safety and health measures for employees, waste treatment requirements, general procedures due to coronavirus for the waste sector. 

With this in mind, ACR+ (Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management) - one of the project partners - started gathering data on the different systems and solutions implemented across Europe, knowing that situations are diverse and dependent on the national and local constraints as well as means available.
The aim is not to build an extensive database but rather to provide interesting insight on the role local and regional authorities play to reshape and adapt municipal waste management to the current situation.

Have a look at the practices from over 19 countries (so far)!

A prompt regional response to the current crisis emergency means maintaining a life cycle perspective also in the way we look at the intertwining of causes and effects within resource efficiency in emergency management times. Preventing side effects throughout an accurate and reactive local management of the situation, the sharing of information, and a credible and transparent communication will set the basis for a sustainable rebuilding process.

What’s happening in your region? Do not hesitate to contribute sharing your own experience!

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