Yesterday 2 March 2020, the second regional stakeholder event of the LCA4Regions project was organised in Satakunta. The aim was to collect and share views on regional characteristics in LCA4Regions perspective and to organise workshop on developing regional SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analyses. Eight regional stakeholders and experts attended the event.

The event started with the welcoming and introducing words by Pekka Maijala and Elisa Mikkilä, specialists in Pyhäjärvi Institute. Elisa described the 1st TLJ experiences in Lithuania and shared information about the upcoming TLJs.

Tuuli Myllymaa, head of waste and circular economy unit from Finnish Environment Institute, gave a presentation about life cycle thinking and circular economy, and how they could be utilised for more efficient use of natural resources. Few new good practices were displayed. Discussion was lively during Tuuli´s presentation. The workshop continued with discussions in smaller groups, and SWOT analyses of life cycle approaches in resource efficiency, waste & material flow, public procurement, and training & education in the region, were all investigated. The outcomes of the two groups were summarised in a common discussion.