Here they are: the faces who are behind LCA4Regions, a project made of people willing to put their effort to lessen the environmental through the improvement of regional policies. 

LCA4Regions means commitment and enthusiasm to reach the project objectives. All together, connecting their expertise across Europe, they are cooperating for 48 months. Come to meet us!

To reach its objective, LCA4Regions connects together different kinds of expertise and experiences across Europe! The know-how of LCA4Regions is a mélange of different entities: 4 governmental authorities, 3 education and research institutions, 1 industrial association, and 1 advisory partner. Here are the protagonists of this innovative journey:

Raúl, Delia, Sandra and David from Navarra, an autonomous community and province in the northern Spain, with important regulatory powers. The Department of Rural Development and Environment of Government of Navarra is the regional authority for environmental monitoring and control and for the promotion of good practices in environmental matters and in circular economy.

Elsa, Pedro and Fernando , CIMBAL, Baixo Alentejo Intermunicipal Community (PT), pursuing the promotion of the planning and management of the economic, social and environmental development strategy of the territory covered, supporting regional development.

Maria Grazia and Roberto, Senior Policy Advisors – DG Environment and Climate - from Lombardy Region (IT), The Regional Development Program includes the Agreement for sustainable development, which promotes the adoption of the principle of sustainable development - in both public and private
decision-making processes. They highlight the importance of “meeting the needs of productive growth by involving all local stakeholders: from businesses, to citizens, from schools to public administrations”.

Tomasz and Ewa, from Lodzkie Region (PL), located in the middle of Polonia, which already participates in international circular projects. The region is seeing a development in bioeconomy and numerous renewable energy initiatives.

Pekka and Elisa from Pyhäjärvi Institute, a regional centre of research, development and education in the municipality of Eura, in Southwest Finland (Satakunta). The main activities of the Institute are planning and implementation of development projects, carrying out scientific research, organising further education especially for regional companies and producers, focused on bioeconomy.

Jolanta, Head of Resource Efficiency Management and Cleaner Production department at the Institute of Environmental Engineering at KUT (Kaunas University of Technology), which is a public research university located in Kaunas, that hosted the Frist Transnational Learning Journey in Lithuania.  They provide a wide range of studies and closely cooperating with business and they will bring scientific knowledge to the project in different research areas, such as sustainable development, circular economy, eco design, life cycle assessment, waste management, chemicals risk management etc.

Albin, Head of Laboratory for Environmental Sciences and Engineering at NIC (National Institute of Chemistry) in Western Slovenia, experienced in Resource efficiency, waste and material flows and public green procurement.

Fritz, the external expert on LC methodologies, author of the book “Life Cycle Approaches to Sustainable Regional Development” who loves to define himself as a catalyst, like the substance that, throughout a chemical reaction, generates change. His main subject fields are corporate sustainability, life-cycle management, industrial ecology, chemicals management, emergency preparedness, pollution and waste prevention and management, mining and environment, experienced in policy analysis and development, project coordination.

Nancy, from the industrial association AIN (Industrial Association of Navarre), which supports industrial companies in both developing new products and processes or improving the existing ones. It accompanies the Navarre industry and, along the way, AIN stresses the importance of collaboration, the need for innovation and excellence. In this era of changing, the greatest value for AIN remains people, who make this commitment possible every day.

Paolo and Debora, from ACR+ . The Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management works as advisory partner in the project. ACR+ is an international network of cities and regions sharing the aim of promoting the circular economy, smart resource consumption and sustainable waste management. In the last 25 years, ACR+ has been working on developing and promoting the expertise of public authorities in effective waste-product-resource policies, encouraging practical action as well as supporting them in their transition towards a circular economy.

And… our stakeholders! Peio, from Acciona Energia (read here the interview to Peio!), Susana, from GAN-NIK, Luisa, from EDI, and David, from the Municipality of Castro Verde.

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